Saturday, 24 August 2013

Snowbird Advertising logo

So, nup, I'm not done yet. My desk at home is PILED with abandoned sketches, my hand aches, my finger's bleeding, I can't find my 2.5cm long bright red pencil, and my daughter smells of Quaver. That is where I'm at.

In an attempt to sweep a bit of brain junk out of my head I have made my way to a fine coffee establishment and availed myself of a yummy scrummy cake. This would have worked were it not for the most inane linguistic interaction in human history taking place beside me (the finer points of One Direction's musical genius feature rather prominently, as do their precise bodily measurements), interspersed with little bursts of song, followed by heatedly argued lyrical correction. I feel very old and grumpy to be so irritated. But PLEASE, girls... PLEASE grow out of this. In, sort of, about five seconds. Please?



Well, anyway. Leave me in the corner being old, grumpy and irritated, and have a look at this brand new logo.

I recently had a nice little change from my longer-term, time-consuming commision, to design this logo for Snowbird Advertising (, and on Facebook and Twitter), on behalf of my lovely stepbrother. A nice little breath of fresh air!

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